About Us


Radio host and producer at Crocmedia, Streets Vientta enthusiast and strong advocate for La Porchetta

Melbourne High School Sentinel Editor (2002)
Australian Commercial Radio Award Finalist (2013, 2015)
ACE Radio Silver Wogie Winner (2015, 2016)
Crocmedia MVP (2018)

Whoisthefezz originally began under the name Fezbo Online back in December 1998 on 5MB of complimentary webspace provided by OzEmail. It began as nothing but throughout the years of high school and university it was a place where photos were shared with friends from parties and whatnot, along with a sprinkling of wrestling, cricket and video games content. Then around the late 2000s this thing called social media came about and WITF slowly became obsolete. With the arrival of MySpace and then Facebook, sharing photos with mates became easier than putting on a pair of pants – plus in October 2010, after ten years I left Ritchies IGA to begin my first full time job in radio for RadioWest (now Triple M Esperance) in regional Western Australia

I’m really, really, really lucky to do a job that I love, in an industry that’s given me a hell of a lot of highlights that I’m slowly compiling on this very website. I grew up as a huge fan of Martin/Molloy and in my uni years that continued as rabid fan of Get This with Tony Martin. I’ve been lucky enough to do a lot of rewarding things in my radio journey which thankfully continues to this day, and have managed to meet almost all of my idols in radio – the highlight being an on air talent at Nova 100 Melbourne.

I mentioned that wrestling plays a big part of my life and it’s no secret how much of a massive fan I am of pro-wrestling and I’m not ashamed one bit to admit that. Thanks to my career in radio, I was able to weave it in to covering wrestling and because of that I’ve been able to interview and even meet a lot of the superstars I grew up watching and admiring thanks to my role at 1116 SEN – with almost all of those interviews available here on WITF

So where the hell does motorsport come in to it? Since 2018 the thing that has helped me pay the bills and keep the lights on is the show I anchor, the nationally syndicated radio show The Driver’s Seat focusing on the world of V8 Supercars. Since taking the reigns in Season Two of the show, we’ve grown it into a fully fledged smartphone app and we’ve broken stories that have been covered by major outlets like Motorsport.com and Fox Sports. But more importantly the world of Supercars embraced me and to this day continues to make me feel extremely at home and welcome.

So that’s Whoisthefezz in a nutshell. A rather large nutshell but a nutshell nonetheless. Thanks for reading it, pop your feet up, and enjoy your time at my humble self indulgent website!

– Nims Azoor