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According to my Facebook memories, on this day eight years ago I did my first ever on air shift for HOT FM WA. It’s no secret that I’ve always had a huge desire to be a workday FM jock and it was a fill in shift in the afternoon on HOT FM WA that got the ball rolling that lead me to a network breakfast show, and something I thought would never happen – doing shifts on Nova 100 in Melbourne.

Here’s some of the fun I had in WA delivering all the hits:

Shout out to to the great MattO for his stellar production on this. I was officially out of the RadioWest red shirts and into the blue trims of HOT FM

Is this a sign of things to come? One of the first OBs I did for HOT FM was teaming up with the great Daniel Leach for the Krikke Boys Shootout – officially the first motorsport related piece of radio I did years before The Driver’s Seat!

Ahhh you can’t get more FM breakfast radio then this – helping out the Tom part of Tom & Heidi in a bit of morning grape stomping. Gromping as we dubbed it

Being a St Kilda supporter living in WA when your team loses to Fremantle is not a good thing… as Leachy demonstrates

This was a great way to kick off my mornings – handing out ice cold Harvey Fresh milks and juices, and delicious Abbotts Bakery Bread

I’ve had some pretty good compliments dished out my way throughout my career so far, but one bloke who helped me a lot in the HOT FM days was Richie Wright. He’ll hate me saying that about him but he did give me a lot of help off air – and a crapload of fun on air.

It was always good fun when the listeners get involved (actual ones too – not smokeys!) and it’s even more fun when they jump on board and defend your honour for liking Aqua!

I don’t care what anyone says about the Collingwood Football Club, but at the very least they did give me some good content for HOT FM!

And let’s not forget the peak of fun on my HOT FM stint – Wrong Direction.

Ahh it was very good times on HOT FM, and if you haven’t heard enough of my blatherings on air with some of the freshest hits to ever grace 2012 – or you’re a potential Content Director that’s looking for someone to do your mid dawns why not sit back relax and enjoy some vintage airchecks!

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