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by on Oct.05, 2019, under Wrestling

It’s literally been the biggest week in pro-wrestling since the Monday Night Wars back in the late 90s and early 2000s, so it’s a very exciting time to be a wrestling fan. Now I’ve been down with Total Nonstop Action/Impact Wrestling since day one back in 2002 but really the arrival of All Elite Wrestling signals for the first time since WCW closed it’s doors that we have two major league promotions going head to head with weekly television (sorry TNA) so I thought it’s time to dust off the old recapping skills and have a looksee at the debut show AEW Dynamite!

First Impressions
Straight off the bat the intro to Dynamite gives you all the feels. I’m going to say this a fair bit throughout but you really do get some old school WCW Nitro vibes from the show from the get go and for me that’s not a bad thing at all. The pyro and ballyhoo to kick off the show along with Jim Ross’ voice really made this feel big time to start the broadcast. Plus I didn’t realise until now how much I missed Tony Schiavone doing comms!

Cody def. Sammy Guevara
Cody’s entrance was mega and him having the first match on AEW was quite fitting and it’s remarkable to think of what he’s achieved since leaving the WWE back in 2016. Also now is a good time to mention that in a calendar year Cody Rhodes wrestled in the major show of every promotion – WrestleMania (WWE), Battle Of Los Angeles (PWG), Final Battle (ROH), Bound For Glory (TNA), and Wrestle Kingdom 11 (NJPW) – a remarkable feat that I don’t think we’ll see again. Liked this match and hearing JR and Tony Schiavone plus Excalibur on comms plus a red hot crowd made this an awesome opener and set the tone for the evening.

MJF def. Brandon Cutler
I don’t really know too much about MJF but since ALL IN last year I’ve been continually impressed by his work. Brandon Cutler aside from being the Young Bucks mates according to his backstory that I think I picked up was there to eat the loss and count the lights at the end of the match. I’m very keen to see more from MJF in future episodes

Jay and Silent Bob (or at least Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes) were in the crowd and did a little plug for their new movie. I’m fine with all this and this contributed to the nostalgia for me so this was perfectly acceptable. A big of a pump up for the upcoming AEW Tag Team Titles was in order and we saw Angelico and Jack Evans to talk trash to J&SB and pay out Morris Day and the Time (great reference to Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back… which I’m guessing most AEW fans online weren’t even born to enjoy it in the cinemas) before Private Party defended their honor. Then we see a skit with SCU and the Lucha Bros.

PAC def. “Hangman” Adam Page
Don’t get the hype about Page but I love everything about PAC. Hearing JR’s glee at saying “bastard” so many times was high-larious to me but in my humble opinion the former Neville in WWE shone like the star he SHOULD have been in the WWE. This is what’s so good about AEW being here. If you should have been a star on a big stage this is the company to do it… PAC is a bonafide star and if anyone should challenge Jericho for the AEW World Title I want this match NOW. Especially since when they both crossed in WWE the matches were fantastic

AEW Women’s Championship – Riho def. Nyla Rose to win the inaugural title
I’m going to cop flack for this but outside of Britt Baker and Allie, I don’t really rate the AEW Women’s Division. This match was great but compared to other women in other companies Rhio being the first champion gets a solid “Meh” from me. The match like I said was tops but there’s so many better options outside of women affiliated with WWE that I think we could have done this better. The shenanigans at the end didn’t do any favours for it either with Kenny Omega running in to make the save – soz AEW this one wasn’t for me. The bar has been set by the Women’s 4-Way at ALL IN featuring Baker along with Tessa Blanchard, Chelsea Green, and Madison Rayne (who are all in other companies) and this didn’t meet that level for me.

Chris Jericho, Santana & Ortiz def. Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks
This was worth the price of admission. Loved this, and Chris Jericho in AEW as the biggest shit head known to pro-graps is awesome. This match had it all and if you can only watch one match on AEW’s debut show then get this one! Everyone went all out, we saw Jon Moxley return and attack Kenny and drag him around the arena then put his head through a glass table and last but not least we saw one of my favourite tropes of old school WCW – a heel faction beatdown and the bad guys standing tall under the chorus of Tony Schiavone acting like his grandma had her pension stolen by a James Bond villan. It’s so formulaic but I DON’T CARE I LOVE IT!

Final thoughts
This was just good fun all round and your mileage may vary but you won’t regret your two hour investment in this show. I’m not an AEW fanboy at all (if anything I’m a pro WWE shill and LOVE anything Vince dishes out to me) but the emergence of AEW is great for wrestling. They’ve hit that sweet “like TNA was from 2005-2008” flavour of goodness from the onset as an alternative to anyone that might want to venture away from the WWE or just add something different to their palate get among this. I’m not a fan of New Japan Pro Wrestling and the thought of the G1 Climax couldn’t fill me with more dread – it’s just not for me, but this is is how I like my pro-graps and Cody Rhodes I’ll have seconds please!

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