Super Show-Down: The Recap

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WWE Super Show-Down Review

You’ve seen what 17 year old Nims thought (in a “George Lucas put Hayden Christensen in ‘Return of the Jedi’ kind of way) of the WWE Global Warning Tour back in 2002, and with the re-release of the event exclusively at JB Hi-Fi alongside the DVD of the Super Show-Down now seems a great time to do a recap of what 33 year old Nims thought of the WWE SSD!

So before we get into my review, there was a great preview of the show done on the SEN website by Luke Sicari which also had my interviews with Dolph Ziggler, Drew McIntyre and Riott Squad members Ruby Riott, Sarah Logan & Liv Morgan that we did at the media day. Have a gander of that here: SEN’s WWE Super Show-Down Preview

And Simon Takla, Owen Jones, and myself did a review of the show on the Wide World Of Wrestling as well joined by Kris Gale and Andrew Rose from the ‘Weekend Legends’ on Triple M Sydney and you can get your earballs on that here: Wide World Of Wrestling Episode 4

Now onto the show. I’m just doing this from memory and not recapping the DVD or replay on the WWE Network. Much like the Global Warning Tour, myself and THROUGH HELL FIRE AND BRIMSTONE IT’S BUNN made our way to the event and on the way we ran into THAT FLOG JONNO NASH in Richmond. That’s what was awesome about the WWE coming back to Melbourne for a huge show. Everyone was there.

Anyway there was a fair line heading in to the MCG as you’d expect and the place had a very WrestleMania like atmosphere with people dressed up as their favourite wrestlers, and a fair few families out and about which is always good to see. The best part of being a wrestling fan is no matter who you are, what you do, whatever your background is, everyone is keen for a chat about pro-graps and in a shameless bit of self promotion I had a few blokes commend me on wearing the original shirt from the WWE Global Warning Tour back in 2002 to the event.

We got to our seats and according to the official WWE socials the pre-show would be half an hour before the “main show” began. Normal PPVs have a preview panel, maybe a crusierweight match or a six man tag or something but our Pre-Show was a countdown on the screens. Ahh well, cant have them all. Anyway the crowd chanted along with the clock counting down and the cheers when the WWE PPV Piracy screen came up on the big screen was intense and one of the biggest pops a legal message will ever get.

The WWE’s video packages are top notch and it was cool seeing Melbourne weaved into the opening gambit before that all to familiar start of the pay per view voice over sounded: “AND NOW, LIVE FROM MELBOURNE AUSTRALIA, WWE NETWORK PRESENTS… SUPER SHOW-DOWN!” and BLAM BLAM BLAM POW WOW WOW PYRO AND BALLYHOO KICKED OFF THE SHOW. The bloody ‘G looked amazing and holy hell we had THE NEW DAY to kick us off.

THE NEW DAY © vs SHEASARO (SmackDown Live Tag Team Titles Match)
Now this was a great way to kick off the show with a damn good match, but I dont think anyone out there thought Sheamus and Cesaro had a chance of winning the tag belts. But smarkiness aside this was a pretty solid opener and you can’t go wrong with Xavier Woods getting some ring time.(7/10)

Wow, 2002 Nims came up with alternate names for wrestlers a lot better than he does in 2019. He still refers to himself in the third person from time to time too. The MCG is 100% behind Becky here and this was that weird period where they wanted her to be a heel but the crowd is having none of that. Both these women have insane chemistry and there was a nice little segment where Becky took her title and went to head to the back but Charlotte was all “NOT ON MY WATCH” and dragged her back. Eventually she locked Becky into the Figure Eight but Becky grabbed the belt and started beating the ever loving crap out of Flair and got DQ’d and retained her title. After the match Charlotte ate a Bex-ploder into the barricades as the crowd chanted “ONE MORE TIME” at her. So awesome to see everyone behind Becky Lynch here. (7/10)

This started off with a nice little rendition of thunderstruck by Elias which got the crowd on his side, followed by a few boos when he name dropped Mick Malthouse, and then he got an almighty cheer when he bagged Collingwood for “choking here last week” which left both Elias and KO looking a bit amused at that. Owens then got the crowd against the two of them when he suggested that Super Show-Down needed to be in Canada instead. Bobby Lashley came out to mild indifference then making his debut on the hallowed turf of the MCG – APPLEDOUGH!! JOHN CENA SUCKS!!! JOHN CENA SUCKS!! You’re time is up his time is now and the place went ballastic as John Cena… and a full head of hair made his return to Australia. Look the match was what it was with Cena no doubt being told to do as little as possible by the peeps on whatever movie he’s working on at the moment cause Bobby Lashley did all the heavy lifting for his team before Cena got the hot tag, delivered his greatest hits and then got the pin. After the match he grabbed the mic and said a few words and Alex pointed out now would have been a great time for him to propose to Nikki Bella again but alas… not to be! (4/10)

Quite a smart move to announce that Peyton Royce and Billie Kay were ‘from Australia’ and not ‘Sydney, Australia’ but a massive ovation for our very own Iconic Duo here (see what I did there) and an extra chuckle was had by us over Billie Kay referring to Asuka as “not too shabby” as well. The Aussies got the win but it was an enjoyable match and nice to see the girls so chuffed to perform in front of their home… country crowd. Also a notable mention to Naomi and her partner Jimmy Uso who while they were down here filmed a Four N Twenty ad, and that’s not a joke! Check it out:

Hilarious stuff there! A good match but if it was anywhere else in the world probably wouldnt have been as good despite how wankerish that sounds of me to say. (6/10)

A bloody good match between AJ and Joe here that legit had you thinking that Joe was going to win the belt. There was some good solid wrestling and a fair bit of brutality as you’d expect in a grudge match like this. Great work from AJ working on the injured knee of Samoa Joe and that reared its ugly head towards the end of the match as Joe dug out the Muscle Buster again only for the knee to give out. This match was long but it was bloody good and in the end Joe tapped to the Calf Crusher from Styles and AJ retained. Very enjoyable match and this was well on par with their bouts they used to have in TNA back in the day. (9/10)

So bit of backstory here, Brie Bella kicked Liv Morgan in the head on RAW before this and there was questions if Liv would make it here. Well she did and to say that the MCG crowd wasn’t a tad annoyed at Brie was an understatement. A stock standard fun six-man tag match here with Ronda on the apron waiting to get the hot tag and clean house… which is exactly what she did when she got in and she put both Liv and Sarah Logan in an armbar to get the match. After the match the usual celebrations and no-one betrayed anyone!! (6/10)

CEDRIC ALEXANDER © vs BUDDY MURPHY (WWE Cruiserweight Championship)
From Melbourne Australia, Buddy Murphy got a hero’s welcome as he looked to end the year long reign of Cedric Alexander. Now to say this was match of the night was an understatement of the year. My god what a goddamn match this was too. We saw everything as both of these guys threw everything and the kitchen sink at the ring and the arena exploded when Buddy kicked out of the Lumbar Check at 2.99999999 to have Cedric look PERPLEXED!! Murphy’s Law got the 1-2-3 and the place EXPLODED as Buddy won the title and became the first Australian to hold singles gold in the WWE. Seriously, do what you can to see this match because it was fire!! (10/10)

Side note. During the match a whole bunch of our section were flocking to the little exit bits you get to go under to the toilets and the restaurants and TABs downstairs. Like a shitload were leaving their seats to badger the security guards there because The Shield were making their entrance through the crowd at those points which is what we assumed. One of the things that Bunn and I were joking about was a guy left his kids in their seats so he could bunch up and have a look. It’s like “wait here son… I need to get a selfie with Roman Reigns”

Another big match here and the Shield did their trademark enter through the crowd with all three of them looking like Bane. This one was another pretty long match as well but it delivered! One of the threads of the match is would Dean Ambrose turn on his brothers which lead to some good spots but man this match was another high intensity one. Braun Strowman, Dolph Ziggler, and Drew McIntyre got to show off (pardon the pun) what’s in their arsenal and the Shield got theirs in too so a thoroughly good match and I was sports entertained very much at this! (7/10)

THE OLD DANIEL BRYAN vs THE MIZ (Winner gets a WWE Title Shot)
So this was an odd one. Winner got a shot at WWE Crown Yool (less said about that event the better) and it was a blink and you miss it match. Both Alex and I were like “what the hell was that?” afterwards but yeah… it is what it is. Very underwhelming match considering I love both wrestlers involved and they have great chemistry together too! Bit of a dud. (1/10)

Bunn pointed out rightly so that in terms of who had the better man in their corner, HHH won. HBK is handing him weapons and setting up tables to use while Kane was all “Hey man… would you like some water?” for Taker. Anyway the entrances were the selling point of this match and seeing the Undertaker’s entrance at the MCG was effing awesome. Both Alex and I were at WrestleMania 33 in Orlando two years ago (I may have mentioned it once or twice) and seeing Taker in action there was just sad… this time round was better but it was still a slow and plodding match. It was the Greatest Hits and it went for bloody ever, and HHH got the win after a Pedigree, a Sweet Chin Music from HBK, a sledgehammer, and Billy Slater shoulder bumping the Undertaker. The last one didn’t happen but the rest did. It is what it is… (5/10)

AFTERMATH: The usual show of respect from all four men. Some hugs, some pyro and OH MY GAWD UNDERTAKER AND KANE HAVE TAKEN OUT DX!! THE MAN’S GOTTA FAMILY. Two Tombstone Piledrivers later and it’s show over thanks for coming!

A very enjoyable show to attend live, and you can watch it on the WWE Network or pick up the DVD in all good retailers and even some of the shoddy ones too. Or if you buy it from JB HiFi it even comes with 2002’s WWE Global Warning Tour as well. All in all a fun show, and the impossible came true: The WWE had a live show at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. That sentence is amazing and the show was too. Give it a watch if you’ve never seen it!

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