Goodbye Mihai

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Mihai Avram, or as I called him “Big Mezz”, left us last Monday losing a battle to brain cancer. For a good chunk of my time at Melbourne High – Mezz was one of my closest mates. “Franger hangers” as Mezz called us due to the fact we both were on the Frankston line.

Scrolling through social media earlier this week was how I found out that my old friend Mihai passed away. I do say “old friend” with great sadness as while we were thick as thieves during our time at MHS after school finished our lives took us in different paths and aside from the usual yearly mutual “Happy Birthday” or congratulations on a milestone messages you pass on to each other on Facebook, the last time I saw Big Mezz in the flesh was at the Ten Year MHS Class of 2002 reunion back in 2012.

Excluding those mutual birthday wishes or messages and likes of congratulations – the last time we messaged was a year ago when Mezz congratulated me on completing the 10km run in Run Melbourne.

I never took Mezz up on that offer unfortunately.

It’s been close to a decade since I last saw him in the flesh and had a proper catch up – and even then at the reunion it was like being back on that 7:44am express Chelt to Caulfield, Caulfield to South Yarra. In fact I still remember him greeting me warmly with a “NIMUS DIM SIMUS!!” and giving me a massive bear hug.

The great amount of joy I got getting a pic of Mezz outside “Cafe Mezz” at the Jam Factory was off the chart

I cannot imagine the sadness that much closer friends of Mihai, along his wife, daughter and immediate family must feel at his loss. But during those weird years of high school when you’re trying to find out who the hell you are, and what you want to do with your life, and all that jazz – Big Mezz was a truly wonderful friend of mine and I wish I made the effort to keep that connection. Hell long after school finished Mihai would bump into my old man who worked at Richmond station and say hi to him and have a chat. “Get Nims to give me a call. We gotta catch up!” is what he always told my Dad.

I swear, it was the style at the time!

Anyone that visited Whoisthefezz in the days where we were still in school would remember the hijinks and the pissfarting around we got up to – playing SmackDown 2: Know Your Role on PlayStation while devouring pizza, jumping on the bus to Southland, having my back at parties and always making sure no matter how stupidly drunk we got as idiot teenagers we got home safe and sound on the old Franger line – and lets not forget the hours upon hours on MSN.

He was the decorated athlete at Melbourne High… I did theatresports myself.

I really hope Mezz knows how much that high school friendship meant to me. Mezz was an incredibly kind hearted, funny, smart, and genuinely good person. It’s only now with his passing am I glad I annoyed him so much by carrying around my digital camera back in the early 2000s cause those days are ones that I look back on with great pleasure.

“Why are you always taking photos?!”

You’ll be greatly missed Mihai – thank you for the memories.

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