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by on Feb.05, 2020, under Interviews

In one of the many incarnations of Whoisthefezz over the years, in it’s later stages of life we went from the “Modern Drinking” tagline to exclusively covering cricket. Myself and Freemo did it all from IPL retrospectives, previews for meaningless India v Sri Lanka series and hell we even covered the now defunct Indian Cricket League from about 2008 until it fizzled out in 2012.

Who would have guessed that five years later, I’d actually host a cricket show on the radio! Well it happened and it was with my childhood idol Simon O’Donnell for the first season and the following year team up with former Test spinner Bryce McGain. So I present to you the Stumps 2017-18, 2018-19 archive!

Season 2017-2018
Hosted by Simon O’Donnell & Nims Azoor

And to finish off the first year of Stumps we finished with a bang:

Season 2018-19
Hosted by Bryce McGain & Nims Azoor

While my time in the hosts chair of Stumps might have come to a close, the show continues every Saturday on 1116 SEN in Melbourne and FIVEaa in Adelaide with Bryce McGain in the experts chair still and Jordan Kounelis very solidly taking over control of the ship.

For me it was a thrill to be able to talk to all the big names in cricket and work with two great blokes in Simon and Bryce – and it’s a long way from writing snide jokes at Stuart Law’s expense in the old Whoisthefezz Cricket days with Freemo.

Good times!

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