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As you may or may not know, traditionally I wrap up a year with my cheeky little year in review video. However with 2020 on the horizon, I figured we’d need a bit more than a quick two or three minutes of video with a Pitbull backing track. So let’s peel back the layers on the decade that was the 2010s

A damn good point. Well we can sum that up pretty damn quickly

A lot of time spent in the Sentinel Office at Melbourne High watching wrestling and episodes of Futurama and Family Guy.No photo description available.A fair bit of pissfarting around at Ritchies IGA, stacking shelves and rotating milk cratesAnd I believe we had a few drinks and were rather festive – right that covers the years 2000 – 2009, let’s move on the the 2010s

After ten years and two commendation awards at Ritchies IGA, the time came to move on from retail and on to the next chapter of life. After my 25th birthday I got the call to move to Esperance and my first job in radio and the ball got rolling on my new career – talking into the big bloody stick. I’ll be honest it was bloody hard the first few months on air on what was then RadioWest (now Triple M) but I had three main goals that I wanted to tick off with my new venture: first get on air, then get on FM, then get home to Victoria.

The highlight of my Esperance tenure: interviewing Opposition Leader Tony Abbott.

WA was quite good to me to be perfectly frank and with the help of many mentors I honed my craft and after eighteen months behind the mic in Esperance I got the call up to head up to Bunbury and jump on HOT FM. I’ve written at length about how much fun it was (and you can read and listen to that here) but after a two year stint over in the west – Horsham called and the next chapter of radio began.

“The New Guy” on RadioWest Southwest with Cliff and Dougie

Horsham was home for the next four years in this radio journey and the move back to Victoria was where I realised, yes I belong here doing this job. A quick jump into the workday jock slot on MIXX FM Horsham then lead me to doing network breakfast with Em on MIXX Brekky, then the most fun I’ve had on radio where it never felt like a job-  The Daily Grind with the great supporting team of Kaycee, Ben and Neddy.

Two Australian Commercial Radio Award nominations came my way for Best Music Presenter in 2013 and again in 2015, but by far the biggest feather in my cap came in 2014 when I scored an on air role on Nova 100. It was never even considered realistic in my mind that I would ever be able to work in the mail room let alone be on air in a capital city. But stranger things have happened and there I was on weekends and the odd public holiday – on the wireless in my hometown.

From December 2014 until November 2017 I had the privilege of delivering fresh hits to Melbourne 

Radio has been very good to me over the years, and this is a mere snapshot of what I’ve done and what this industry has given to me. These days I’m lucky enough to still be on air, and while my days of playing fresh hits are over I can still let the creative juices flow on The Driver’s Seat each week on 1116 SEN.


I’ve never really had a big urge to go travelling, but this decade the travel bug hit me hard. Since I was in Year 10 I’ve always wanted to visit Berlin and in 2013 circumstances arose that lead me to bite the bullet and make that journey. Since then I’ve done my best to try and head overseas at least once a year – however I’m still yet to revisit Sri Lanka since 2008… maybe next decade

Nims Berlin Video Blog (2013)

An Amin Abroad II: Hawaii With A Moron (2014)

Amin’s Adelaide Adventure (2014)

An Amin Abroad 3 (2015)

An Amin Abroad 4: South America with a South Australian (2015)

Alex & Amin’s American Adventure featuring WrestleMania (2017)


My love and obsession with wrestling also amped up towards the latter half of the decade actually being invited on the inside of the WWE fold. Radio opened to door to me being able to interview and access a lot of WWE Superstars both in person and over the phone. I could not have done it without the great help of the team at WWE Australia for that, and it’d be remiss of me to not thank my wrestling family including great guys like Owen and Simon for hitching me on their wagon too to help me out. A full archive of my chats with WWE Superstars from legends like Shawn Michaels, Mick Foley and Triple H, to modern day wrestlers like AJ Styles, Sasha Banks and Kofi Kingston can be found here.

Meeting Matt Hardy at a meet and greet in 2010

Interviewing WWE Champion AJ Styles and SmackDown Women’s Champion Carmella at the MCG in 2018

I’ve mentioned at length about my trip to WrestleMania with Bunn countless amounts of times, but to actually be a small part of the WWE machine is something that still blows my mind to this day that I get to do it.


Ah yes, one last thing that I did this decade was buy me a house. Well that’s not entirely accurate – I have a mortgage now and in seven Olympic Games I will be the proud owner of an apartment. But for the time being I’ll enjoy paying rent to the bank and watching trains from the comfort of my living room that’s filled with wrestling memorabilia and SEGA consoles.

Australian motorsport legend Dick Johnson says “the only thing you get from looking back is a sore neck” – and he’s right to some extent but I always enjoy a trundle down memory lane. The 2010s were a lot of ups and a fair few downs as well but all in all it was good to me. Your decade might have delivered something different to you but you know what, you’ve got another one coming up just around the corner to make of it what you will. Here’s to 2020!

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