Top 20 Bond Films (Originally posted 31.05.2006)

by on May.27, 2021, under Repost

Back in the heyday of Whoisthefezz I used to write a lot of posts from video game reviews, to recaps of nights out with pictures. Because I’m very much a digital hoarder as much as I am an actual hoarder I thought I’d do a few retro reposts to pass time during lockdown… updated for 2021 of course becaue it seems Nims in his 20s didn’t mind the odd effing and jeffing!

So without further ado I present the first Whoisthefezz Retro Repost: The Nims Top 20 Bond Films… in a slightly modified form!(Shout out to my buddy Ashlee for playing the role of a Bond girl back in 2006… man I had a head of hair back then didnt I?)

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